Psychotherapist and Life Coach


My name is "Darshana"  and I learnt profound yet simple techniques which can help you find inner peace and greater fulfilment in your life. Some of the most painful challenges in my life made me notice that when I believed thoughts I reacted with stress, anger and became aware of how I treated myself and others with those beliefs.

I spent most of the last 25 years identifying and questioning thoughts whilst attending many professional trainings as well as spiritual retreats. I have gained an inner contentment and happiness that is regardless of my living circumstances.

Therapeutically, I specialise in Mindfulness, Meditation, , Forgiveness, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting, and a host of other techniques that I tailor towards the needs of my clients.



My training: My most in-depth training has been to have been a close friend to Mooji a well know Spiritual Master with whom I have been fortunate to know for many years. Mooji shared his wisdom and spiritual knowledge with me and transformed my life.  More recently, I have been privileged to spend time with Ananta Kranti who has and is still helping me integrate Awakening .  Deep Gratitude.

I am also a registered practitioner with AAMET, ICNM and Matrix Reimprinting, as well as a Meta-Physician practitioner/teacher/trainer of the Metaphysical Society, and a Practitioner of Oneness and Hoponopono. I completed the School of Byron Katie known as the Work, and various trainings led by Arunachala Ramana (Dee Trammell) who was director of the Napoleon Hill Academy in Los Angeles. More recently I am studying schema training.

My Passion: I love to uplift the quality of your life and restore your zest for life.

Forgiveness: In my experience with clients, it is absolutely essential for healing to heal unforgiveness. Doctors, therapists,ministers, and healers of all types have repeatedly reported that they routinely see all manner of sickness and disease arise from unforgiveness.  I use a simple ancient Polynesian Processed named Hoponopono in most sessions with amazing results. Forgiving is not about finding excuses for someone but it does mean letting go of the power the wrongful action has over you.

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