7 Ways to become aware of your Emotional Eating.

Clean Eating

7 ways to become aware of your emotional eating.

When we emotionally eat, we’re not necessarily hungry.  I am sharing the 7 different ways that have helped me stop emotional eating. Following  these simple  steps as well as using EFT can help you stop eating emotionally   and put an end to being on auto pilot with food.

1. Breathe.

Slowing the breath down by doing simple breathing exercise is an amazing way to slow the mind down and bring us back to living in the present moment, rather than being lost in thoughts.

2. Check in with yourself – Am I hungry?

If you are really hungry then eating mindfully is just great.   First, check in with your hunger, choose what you want, and be mindful whilst you are eating by paying attention to your senses, emotions, and thoughts.

3. If you are not hungry – Ask yourself – What is going on with me?

What am I  really feeling? What kind of thoughts are coming up? And most importantly, Am I willing to try an alternative first before turning to food to self-soothe?

An alternative to food can be anything that is soothing to you – some deep breathing, a cup of tea, a bath, calling a friend, drawing, reading, playing music, etc.


4. Eat Mindfully

If you’re not willing to find an alternative and just want to eat, then…well…eat.  But eat mindfully – and again, check in with your cues, choose what you want, and be mindful while eating by paying attention to your senses, emotions, and thoughts.

5. Don’t Diet

Dieting  leads to feeling deprived and does not help emotional eaters. When you banish yourself to eat the foods you crave so much, you end up wanting them even more and end up eating them anyway.  Then comes the guilt, self hatred ,disappointment and anger towards yourself, which is the very thing that keeps you on that never ending cycle of emotional eating.

6  Change your Mindset

Try  getting keen and motivated to eat foods that are nutritious for your body . I found that experimenting with various healthy recipes at home and finding the ones I liked and fitted with my tastebuds and lifestyle made it possible to stop emotionally eating and lose weight as a result of clean eating.

7. EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique)  Tapping

Firstly , try to remember the time when you first started emotionally eating. What triggered it?

Here is a short  video to get you started on how to tap :


Let’s start tapping and help you stop Emotional Eating.

Even though Life is tough today and I really want to find a way to find peace and comfort myself, I am willing to deeply and completely love and accept myself


Even though I  really want to eat this cookie, chocolate cake and whatever else I can get my hands on to stop feeling this anxiety in my body, I am willing to love and accept these feelings now


Even though I feel that I will never stop using food to cope with stressful situations in my life and lose all of this extra weight, I realise that part of me feels safer doing this, I am willing and choose something different to  feel safe and  I allow myself to  stop eating emotionally and release this extra weight now


INNER EYEBROW: I can’t stop using food to comfort myself when life is tough and I  always end  up feeling guilty and feeling disappointed with myself.
SIDE OF EYE: I will never be able to stop doing this and lose weight
UNDER EYE: I think on some level I must want to be fat

UNDER NOSE: Some part of me thinks that eating food when life gets tough keeps me safe
UNDER MOUTH/CHIN: Maybe I am trying to find a solution when I overeat
COLLARBONE: Or that I am seeking happiness with the foods I used to eat when I have been happy

UNDERARM: Or that I deserve a break and eat whatever makes me feel good right now
TOP OF HEAD: Yes, I feel safer using food for comfort. I’d rather be fat than feel unsafe.
What if?
ABOVE THE INNER EYEBROW: What if I could release all these feelings around what is happening right now without using food ?
SIDE OF EYE: Could I feel safe losing the extra weight and feel great about being slender?
UNDER EYE: What if  I could stop sabotaging my healthy eating?
UNDER NOSE: What if I could allow myself to release all this stress without  the fear of change?
UNDER MOUTH/CHIN: What if I could allow myself to stop eating for comfort  and let it to be a positive transformation for my life?
COLLARBONE: What if I could start allowing myself to lose weight right now safely and easily?
UNDERARM: What if I could feel  safe and comfortable with my body?
TOP OF HEAD: What if I could believe in myself?

Practising Gratefulness:
ABOVE THE INNER EYEBROW: I choose to be grateful for my healthy body right now.
SIDE OF EYE: I am thankful for my body and how it works so hard to keep me healthy.
UNDER EYE: I am grateful for my willingness to feeling safe with my feelings .
UNDER NOSE: I am grateful that there are so many tools to help me break free from using food to cope with life..
UNDER MOUTH/CHIN: I am grateful that I can always take a moment and look how there is so much Peace within me when I stop getting lost in thoughts.
COLLARBONE: I am grateful and choose to take sometime in nature  to feel the simple Joy of being alive today .
UNDERARM: I am grateful and allowing myself to feel great about my body and myself today and every day.
TOP OF HEAD: I am grateful for choosing Peace right now.

Take a few deep, easy breaths in and out.

Rate your intensity level. The general rule is to reduce the intensity level at or below a 2, and preferably a 0.

If you are ready to release  your extra weight and  would like more assistance with ending your emotional eating, contact me to schedule a free 30 minutes session to see if we can work together and be a good fit. http://www.healthbuddha.com/contact/


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