6 Week Body Mind Reset Program™

Imagine changing the way you eat, feel, look, and think!

Do you struggle to lose weight?

Sick of diets that don’t deliver the results they promised?

Ready for a long-term solution that REALLY works?

Get ready to Fall in Love with your Body & Life!

Introducing the new 6 week Body  Mind Reset  Program ™

With over-processed, preservative and additive-filled, calorie and sugar-laden foods that don’t even resemble the real thing loading down our grocery store and pantry shelves, it sometimes feels impossible to keep track of what’s supposed to be good for us.

We’ve lost touch with what real food is, what real nutrition is – instead we fill ourselves with empty calories and try to keep healthy with pills and powders.

I Know you have been waiting for…

  • Some magic diet or cure to appear, and fix your belly bloat/low energy/slow metabolism.
  • A spark to motivate you long-term, and transform your life from the inside out…from the way you eat to the way you manage stress and take care of yourself.
  • A moment when you great, look amazing, and can finally tell the world “I did it… and, this time, it’s sticking.”
The problem is:

95% of diets fail!

Pills, powders, and diets? They don’t work long-term. Ever. But here’s the good news:
I’ve got a solution for you.
I’m a nutritional therapist and Life Balance Coach who believes in the concept of bio-individuality.
Translation? I know there’s no one magic diet or cure for anyone.

Instead, I’m here to help you learn what foods fuel YOUR unique body, as well as the exercise routines, health, and de-stressing strategies that work for your life & schedule.The best part?

It’s all inside this one phenomenal program.

So if you are ready to:

  • Maintaining healthy plant-based eating
  • Losing weight quickly and easily – just by making smart choices (instead of depriving yourself)
  • Ditching old habits that don’t serve you anymore.
  • Kicking those quick fixes with 0 results to the curb.
  • Stopping the purchases of book after book, doing diet after diet, and still not experiencing the changes you desire.
  • Uncovering more happiness, more energy, and a feeling of total balance throughout the day.
  • Live a life free from confusion about what to eat, where you feel completely in control of your body and mind.
… then welcome home, gorgeous.

Darshana- Healthbuddha.comHi. I am Darshana (Martine ) Fordham and I am a Certified I am a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Life Coach and Matrix Reimprinting & EFT Practitioner. I believe in weight loss through the power of clean eating and decluttering the limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life.

I teach how to create balance in your mind and body by committing to yourself and ditch dieting for good.

It is my passion to teach and inspire others to live healthfully so they can enjoy fuller, happier lives.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re in the right spot. Believe it or not, when we release toxins, weight loss happens easily and naturally.

Once upon a time, I took the bait, too. I bought every health book out there, watched all the shows, and spent hours on the Internet researching the “right foods for my body”.

What I discovered is that there IS no “right” food! We are all different and have unique nutritional needs.

And that’s what I’m here to prove to you over the next 6 weeks.

If you are feeling tired, sluggish, moody, hormonally imbalanced, fatigued, bloated...

That’s your body telling you it’s time for a change.

So let’s do this. Together.

Here is a peek at what is inside the programme:

6 WeekBodyMindReset Program Collage

 Body Mind Reset 6-Week Program

PHASE I (Days 1-14)

  • 14-Day Weight Loss Program: meal suggestions and shopping lists to make burning fat and getting that lean, tone body that much easier to attain (vegetarian and omnivore options)
    • Includes 6 Handouts: Drink Yourself Skinny, Food Diary, Lower You Blood Sugar, Should I Supplement, The Key to Great Digestion and Weight Loss Tracker

    Open enrollment! Join anytime to best suit your schedule

    Worth £260!

  • PHASE II (Days 15-42)

    • Omnivore Recipe Guide loaded with 53 gluten-free, family-friendly recipes created by a fabulous chef. Worth £50
    • Vegetarian Recipe Guide packed with 70 recipes that are gluten-free, family-friendly, and also chef-created (which means super yummy). Worth £50
    • Total of 10 Weekly Meal Planners and Shopping Lists for each week (includes both omnivore and vegetarian) Worth £70
    • A Simple-to-Use Food Diary £20
    • 7 Handouts – these are your cheat sheets, ‘cause life can get busy!  Includes 7 Handouts: 40 Snacks on the Go, Gluten-Free Substitutions, How to Go Gluten-Free, The 101 on Portions, The 101 on Vegetable Cooking Methods, Top Vegetarian Proteins, Low Glycemic Foods Chart.Worth £100
    • Weekly email support .Worth £100
    • 4 Live Coaching Sessions. Worth £350
    • Personalised Individualised nutrition report Worth £50
    • Identify the thoughts and actions that may be keeping you ‘stuck’
    • Evaluate the ‘auto-pilot’ habits that may be preventing you from reaching your goals
    • Realise how even the smallest habits, over time, can help or hinder successthe day
    • Why it’s not about ‘perfection’ but PROGRESS
    Total Value of Program – £1050!
    Unlike a diet, this 42-day adventure teaches you how to eat foods that are healthy and delicious… and you’ll never have to count a single calorie.

    Instead, you’ll learn how to effortlessly meet your health goals over a 6 week period.

    The outcome? You start making long-lasting changes, instead of opting for the next quick fix

    Clean, whole food eating is more than a strategy; It's a movement. A revolution.
    You’re about to embark on a life-changing experience, because you’re about to ditch the diet mentality forever.

    In 6 weeks, you’ll discover:

  • 4 Weekly Guides with daily prompts, so you get chunks of information daily, making it easy to apply these principles to your life
  • YOUR unique healthy blueprint
  • Which foods give you optimal energy, and jumpstart your metabolism
  • How to plan your own healthy, stress-free meals –even if you’re busy and have no time.
  • Real life strategies for putting yourself FIRST (without feeling guilty. Whoa!)
  • What exercises fit your unique body and lifestyle
  • The exact steps, week by week, that help you achieve long-lasting results
  • More about yourself and your body than ever, with daily assignments that will empower you to make lifelong changes.
  • Fall in love with cooking and prep delectable, healthy meals
  • Make healthy snacks

  • Pick healthy foods and create meals for yourself that will satisfy all of your taste budTips or cooking healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that will leave you satisfied with every bite

  • Easy ways to order healthy everywhere – including your favorite restaurant
But I know you’re probably wondering:
“Is there even a difference between clean eating and a diet?”

When you diet, you’re dwelling on fats, counting calories, and restrictions. Most of the time, you end up feeling tired and just plain frustrated, right?

Short answer: Absolutely.

Long answer: When you diet, you’re dwelling on fats, counting calories, and restrictions. Most of the time, you end up feeling tired and just plain frustrated, right?

That’s what makes this program so different.

Unlike a diet, this 42 day program teaches you how to eat foods that are healthy and delicious… and you’ll never have to count a single calorie.
This program guarantees results AND takes the headache out of “What should I eat today?”
It’s time to get your energy, your body, and your life back.


So take the first step.
Start feeling your best today. Glow from the inside out.
Feel outstanding no matter how busy your life is, because you deserve to feel incredible with every breath.
I promise you this:
You will not starve.
You will not be deprived.
You will thrive.
No more diets.
No more wondering which foods are right for you.

I want this!

Just a simple, 42-day easy Body Reset program based on whole foods delivered straight to your inbox.


  • Learn about proper portion control – one of the biggest roadblocks to weight loss success.
  • How to reframe your mindset, ditch bad habits and integrate positive rituals into your life.
  • Learn which foods you need to toss out of your pantry and into the trash, and which foods you need to fill up your refrigerator with.
  • Learn how to balance your meals and supply your body with the adequate amount of nutrition so that you can shrink your waistline and improve digestion and nutrient assimilation.
  • Take steps to restore your gut (which makes up 70% of the immune system) and eliminate bloating, gas, stomach aches, and inflammation.
  • And so much more

Just think – if you start now and complete this program twice, you could lose up to 10 pounds in two weeks – just by following these clean eating vegan guidelines!

The best part is that you can continue to repeat this program over and over again if you have more weight to lose!


Read on, Gorgeous.

  • Amplified NATURAL energy without reaching for that afternoon cup of joe or diet soda
  • Deep, peaceful sleep meant for a queen (or king) – no more tossing, turning and restlessness
  • A strengthened immune system that attacks toxins and viruses
  • Reduced inflammation and digestive upset
  • Renewed focus and mental clarity you haven’t experienced in years
  • A massive confidence boost
  • Brighter eyes, thicker hair, and glowing skin
  • A natural mood boost
  • An effervescent beauty that glows from the inside out

It’s time. Invest in yourself, and finally learn how to:

  • Fall in love with cooking and prep delectable, healthy meals
  • Adore your kitchen and know how to make it feel like home
  • Make healthy snacks
  • Prepare nourishing and delicious meals for  you and the whole family
  • Exercise using the right exercises for your body
  • Portion out your foods, while never feeling like you are dieting
  • Pick healthy foods and create meals for yourself that will satisfy all of your taste buds
  • Crowd out the bad stuff & bring in the healthy goodies
  • Eat at a restaurant & order off a menu
  • Nourish your body with the right protein, whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or just interested in reducing animal proteins in your life
  • Use tools for committing to change and to a healthy life

£27 StartUp 6 Week Body Mind Reset Program ™- Jumpstart 6 Week Body Mind Reset Program™- Total Support

This is the SAME program I used with clients during my coaching sessions (and people happily paid hundreds of pounds for this guidance!). I want it to be available to as many people as possible so I’ve pared down price to make it affordable for everyone. The amazing recipes alone are worth several times that amount!

You will receive your welcome letter and all your program materials right each week for 6 weeks.

“In  the first 14 days, I lost almost 2 inches from my waist, and I didn’t even work out. I feel incredible, and my clothes fit so much better. This is a big change from the yo-yo dieting I’ve done for over eight years. It feels good to have control over my health and eating habits.”

“I’ve completed this program twice, for four weeks straight. The biggest outcome for me was getting rid of the sugar cravings. I used to crave sugar all the time! I think I’d eat it at every meal. Thanks to the tips in this program, I learned how to fill up on the right foods and drinks so that I won’t get these cravings as often. Thank you so much for changing my life.”


Here are answers to some popular questions you might have for me:

Will I be deprived?

No, you won’t. In fact, the perfect example of deprivation is eating the “wholesome American” diet filled with factory-made, genetically-modified foods that contain enormous amounts of chemicals, preservatives, bad fats and sugar. That, my friend, is deprivation – eating, but getting no nutrition. In this program, you’ll be doing the complete opposite. All of your meals are planned out to ensure you are fueling your body with proper nutrition to burn the maximum amount of fat. You’ll get access to breakfast, lunch, dinner, drink and snack recipes, so you always have options.

Won’t I be hungry on this program?

It’s not likely. When you fill your diet with much of the junk you find in grocery stores, you have to eat more of it to feel satisfied. This is your body telling you that it’s not getting satisfied! However, when you eat clean, as I’ll teach you in this program, your body WILL get the nutrition it craves, so you’ll get fuller faster.

A lot of it has to do with the combination of foods you’re eating too. For example, if you’re not eating healthy fats with your meals – you’ll get hungry faster. You need to fill your body with the correct quantity and correct combination of foods for optimal health. Luckily, I make this super simple for you.

Will I experience any unpleasant side effects?

It depends on your current eating habits. If you don’t each too much junk, you’ll have an easier time adjusting to these clean meals. However, if your diet is filled with cereals, crackers, pasta, chips, etc., you may experience some unpleasant symptoms. For example, if you typically consume a high amount of sugar, you may experience headaches or tiredness until you kick the sugar habit. Your Guide contains information on cutting sugar from your diet, as well as how to structure your meals, so you minimize symptoms.

I have a known medical condition. Is this still safe for me?

While this program is based on eating only whole foods, it is still advised that you consult your physician before beginning this or any program.

Note: It is important to consult your doctor before starting any new eating or exercise program. This is a clean eating program designed to teach you the difference between foods that inflame you and foods that fuel you. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



£97 StartUp £297- Jumpstart £497 - Total Support