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After a lifetime and a quietly intense 1 year of being on a single-minded quest for internal, all-out self-healing, using many online, personal-growth programmes and thereby going outside of my Self, my Soul, my Spirit, my Higher Consciousness, All That Is; my I AM came to the rescue just in-the-nick-of-time, leading me to the shining Light that is Darshana .

I was so ready to unveil any root-beliefs that were ‘psyched up’ for metamorphosis and transform the hell out of my world - both inner and outer, especially my overeating issues, my narcissistic, egoist tendencies and oh, lots of other stuff all rooted in lack of self-love and self-belief, that when I worked with Darshana, I breathed a sigh of relief: I knew my self-healing was in very good, gentle, loving hands.
Here, in Darshanaji, there is wisdom, light, care, compassion, love, intelligence, a knowing, a pure Being - all the qualities I know we all possess and I wanted to recover, rediscover and reconnect to: I wanted to live my love. I wanted to live my love but I seemed to have lost it along the way.
Here, in Darshana, was my mirror; she elegantly reminded me that I am beautiful and loved and led me back to loving myself through our work together.

It was ‘WOW!’ every time. I could not know where Darshana and Matrix Reimprinting using EFT were going to take me but the journey to the centre of my soul was a necessary destination - I could not change the past but I could embrace it, deeply understand it, forgive the hurt that dwelled in it and through reimprinting it with love in the Matrix, I could release its stranglehold from around my neck to experience a freedom and lightness of Being immersed in that love and feel blessed.
And that’s precisely what happened.

Anything is possible in the Matrix: Anything is possible in Love: Anything is possible with Darshana’s beloved work and guidance.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Darshanaji, thank you.


With my love

Pam x

“Of all the MANY different types of therapies I've experienced over the years, Matrix Reimprinting knocks the socks off anything else, hands down. And as far as practitioners go, and having worked with many all around the world, you are of the best (skilled, present, loving) - long may it continue!!”

Bennie Naude - EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Trainer and Presenter
Bennie Naude - EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Trainer and Presenter

I recently had the very fortunate opportunity of a Matrix Reimprinting Session with Darshan. I have been practicing EFT on myself for a while now, and experiencing the benefits of it. With Darshan however, I experienced Matrix Reimprinting to be a much deeper process. She is a very skillful and caring practitioner, she asks all the right questions, and she brought me through the session with heartfelt intuition and sensitivity. She skillfully guided me to core issues and feelings, and I felt her with me all the way. She is totally supportive, easy to open up to, and very patient. Her approach enabled me to release the emotional stuckness from painful memories, and to subsequently feel these past experiences in a peaceful way. During the session, I could feel long-time fear and suppressed feelings being released, along with streams of tears! This was followed by deep laughter at the end of the session. It has left me feeling only love and gratitude, and a knowing that all experiences are beautiful gifts. I am still feeling the sense of well-being and courage I felt right after the session. I fully recommend a Matrix Reimprinting Session with Darshan, she is a truly gifted practitioner.

Andreana (Priya) Fay

I have been working with Darshana, using the Matrix Reimprinting Technique to acess past blocks and obstacles,obstructions that have manifested as self sabotage skills. Running a successful business in the holistic field is my aim, yet a lack of self confidence and a belief in failure were hidden shadows, which were exposed in the light of Darshanas work.
Darshana has an ability to empathise and tune into the present moment, so you feel as if she really cares and understands your needs and resistances to moving forward. We worked together using Tapping techniques, then more subtle sessions ensued, where we located the energy blockages in Silence and through Enquiry. This is a breakthrough therapy,which resonates long after the session has ended. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Chris Elam

Darshana has helped me immensely in indentifying and shifting unconscious beliefs that I have held for many years. Her expertise, together with her natural intuition and awareness are a rare combination. I feel lucky to have had the chance to work with her and continue to see the benefits in my life every day.

DM, Therapist Phd

Darshana helped me in my dealings with this difficult individual. i was expereincing difficulties with.
In the session I was able to manifest this anger through colour and imagery to purge the negativity and I felt the anger slowly lift. I was surprised how quickly the EFT technique worked and that the anger has stayed away. I have effectively used the technique to relax myself in preparation forpresentations and meetings.

Managing Director

Thank you for such a wonderful session Darshana, It was very powerful and I will never forget it.

SM, Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

I had the most fantastic session with Darshana Ji this morning! Darshana and I have been swap partners for quite some time and I must say, we have been doing a lot of clearing of our 'stuff' for one another. We are both AAMET and Matrix Reimprinting certified coaches, so the sessions are very thorough. That is why I was surprised to find such a huge amount of negative energy around overwhelm.
Darshana is extremely intuitive and skilled when it comes to helping her client find ECHOS. This session involved seven ECHOS! I have always had a struggle when beginning a new endeavor and would fall into procrastination and overwhelm days before beginning. She had me tap with each ECHO individually and then we collected the group together for one ECHO to teach the others the positive learning. Wow, it was a big collective shift!
I am so grateful to my wonderful swap partner, Darshana Ji, for this release and would highly recommend her as a very skilled and knowledgeable practitioner.

Peggy Mangan (Michigan, USA)

How my fear took over, but then… When I was at the age of 11, I was terrified of a horse that I look after called Rascal and I was really worried that I would be hurt by him and I wouldn't go near him but after when I discovered my fear I got help by Darshana and she took me back to when I was 7-8 at Christmas with my family and then to when I was 3 and I didn't want to go out with my Mum so I cried and got told off (I know this was related before). When I tapped on my younger me and through scenes in my life I noticed after a while that I suddenly felt that this bad experience I had with this horse Rascal had changed and I had no fear and then I wasn't scared and I was aware that he is just a naughty horse. The next time I met him I had no fear I could cope for myself and I have no fear of Rascal and it has changed the way I feel. I couldn't believe that it was true and that I wasn't scared but it worked. On another day I didn't want to clean out his back leg because I got scared that he was going to kick me so I tapped and said I am not scared and I did it anyway and was so proud of my self.

Eva Imogen Coburn

Hi,Just wanted to tell you that I did one session with a client using Matrix for some small t tramua stuff, and she has come back one week later for her second appointment saying that the changes in her life have been profound! What makes this client particularly interesting is that she is a psychotherapist in a psychiatric hospital, and she said it would have taken her 6-12 months to achieve the sames results!

WW, Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT

Darshana is a skilled and caring practitioner. While she specializes in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, she draws from a wealth of knowledge of various other techniques and tools that enhance what she brings into her sessions with clients. I've had the privilege of working with her for a year now and I can say with all honesty that she has been pivotal in my reaching new levels of consciousness. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in enhancing their self-work and experiencing the true joy of what healing and transforming limiting beliefs can do for your life.

Sadie Lake. USA